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Stephen Colbert Debuts His Hilarious Eric Trump Impression

On Friday night (but really, it taped Thursday), Late Show host Stephen Colbert aimed his comedy ire at President Trumps large adult sonsyou know, the two fellas who love hair gel and murdering endangered animals.

Yes, the news broke this week that Donald Trump Jr., a real-estate heir who once said that women who cant handle workplace sexual harassment dont belong in the workforce, and who is alleged to have conducted an extramarital affair with pop star/Apprentice contestant Aubrey ODay, would be helping out Republicans during the upcoming midterm elections.

Republicans are deploying their secret weapon: Trump son and reason to leave the bar, Don Trump Jr, said Colbert. DJT Jr. is planning to help Republican candidates this summer by taking on a big role in the midterms. Which means hes going to have to take some serious time off from what does he do? Hes a suit-filler. Hes a hair gel storage locker Im not sure what he does.

Recently, Don Jr. threw a closed-door fundraiser for Greg Pence, the brother of Vice President Mike Pence, whos running to represent Indianas 6th congressional district.

Thats an exciting double-bill, cracked Colbert. If you love Trump-Pence and dont care which ones, I cant decide how his brother Eric helps with the midterms.

Then, Colbert debuted his Eric Trump impression, pulling his lip up and exposing his chompers. They gave me a very important role, said Colbert as Eric, fumbling the words. I.. They gave me a very important role handing out bumper stickers in front of the grocery store. I have lost the bumper stickers. There was a breeze.

Colbert has a history of unloading on Donald Trump Jr. for everything from defending his Dads racism to delivering bizarre congressional testimony to making dumb analogies on Twitter. Now its apparently Eric Trumps turn.

He probably deserves the ribbing, given his past exploits.

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