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David Cameron: from prime minister to reluctant festival-goer

Former PMs glum expression in a couples selfie at the Wilderness festival in Oxfordshire indicates it was not to his liking

In a possible sign that he had taken inspiration from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyns Glastonbury appearance this year David Cameron was spotted at the upmarket Wilderness festival in Oxfordshire by unsuspecting festival goers.
The former prime minister was seen in a selfie taken by Labour activist Vanessa Price and her husband. He seemed to be sporting an expression not dissimilar to that which he had when he resigned as prime minister in June last year.

Cameron was looking directly at the lens, while his wife, Samantha, seemed more concerned with the on-stage entertainment, which included the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Bonobo and Grace Jones.

Price told the BBC: We took the selfie and then Steve looked at it and said, oh my God, I think thats David Cameron. I couldnt believe he was staring at the camera I dont think he was having a good time.

The Wilderness festival in Cornbury Park near the Camerons Oxfordshire home boasts a lakeside spa, yoga workshops and a Sunday Cricket match a far cry from the average festival.

Bank of England governor Mark Carney was spotted at the same event last year wearing a glitter tattoo on his face as he took a break from the British economy post Brexit referendum. Unable to join him last year, since he was dealing with the fall-out from the Brexit referendum, Cameron seems to have seized the opportunity this year instead.

The Camerons appearance came after Conservative MP George Freeman announced plans for a Tory Glastonbury in September. The Norfolk MP is organising a one-day festival of ideas in response to the popularity of Corbyns Glastonbury appearance in the hopes of boosting the partys dwindling grassroots support.

Perhaps Cameron is just warming himself up for the Conservative Glasto. With that expression, though, it does not look like hell be attending another festival anytime soon.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/aug/06/david-cameron-from-prime-minister-to-reluctant-festival-goer

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