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Clintons attend special screening of ‘Wonder Woman’

(CNN)Hillary and Bill Clinton attended a special screening of “Wonder Woman” at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema movie theater in Brooklyn over the weekend.

They followed that up with another invitation: “Next time you’re in town @BarackObama & @MichelleObama and want to catch a movie, hit us up!”
Earlier this summer, the same Alamo Drafthouse theater announced that it would host women-only showings of the summer blockbuster, which sparked some online controversy.
    A spokesperson for the theater, Mike Sampson, told HuffPost that Hillary Clinton had reached out to the theater after they tweeted an invitation to host her for a viewing.
    “She had seen the tweet and asked if the offer still stood,” Sampson said. “We were happy to set up a private screening, for which they organized the guest list. We were obviously thrilled to have them as guests at our theater and they have an open invitation to return any time in the future.”

    Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/07/politics/clintons-wonder-woman-movie/index.html

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